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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THE SAD TRUTH :(...well not really

Here is the sad truth... I won't be able to get my hair colored this month :(

It's because I have to get my hair bleached first by a professional so that the color I want would really stand out. I heard that it takes hours for it and I have so much in my hands right now that I think I don't have the time to sit in a salon to get my hair done this month.

Also the trip that me and my friends had been planning had to be moved because of other reasons I don't want to say what it is right sorry. :(

*sigh* I was actually hoping that this February might be different. Well I guess I have to wait for March then.

In other news, My Youtube channel is making some great progress though I am in hiatus. I think as of the moment I have around 106 subbies* :)

TO ALL MY SUBBIES: thank you sooooo much for watching my videos and also supporting my channel. It really means a lot to me...don't worry I'll be holding a contest for it soon.

I am currently in hiatus because of work and also I am unable to use my computer at home to shoot, edit and also post my videos. I am really sorry subbies...promise! I'll make it up once I can use my computer again! :)

To those who wants to check my channel you can click here

any suggestions? or comments?

write it below! any comments/suggestions would be deeply appreciated! :)

well gotta go! thanks so much for dropping by!

much love!

-- Alice


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