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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My affair with coffee


There was never a pay day that I don't go and buy my coffee at Starbucks. I have been a big fan of coffee ever since I was young. When I discovered a coffee shop and its ambiance I have always liked the thought of just sitting in a quiet corner in that coffee shop and just enjoy a book with a cup of coffee.

The first time I did that was when I was in High school. I would go to a not so popular coffee shop that was near my house. I would order a cup of their house blended iced coffee and enjoy reading a book I brought with me. Unfortunately that same coffee shop closed after three years due to bankruptcy. I was one of their regulars during Wednesday readings - one of their themed days. I cried when they told me that they will be closing the coffee shop for good. I loved that coffee shop. I actually can't remember the shop's name but I can still remember the way it looked and also the type of music they would play on a certain time of the day. I remember how they would greet me by my name and also the smell of coffee. I am an avid coffee drinker. May it be hot or cold I love it. But after my favorite coffee shop closed, I also stopped drinking coffee for a while. It seemed that I actually forgot its existence.

I started drinking tea after that. I would mostly drink green or oolong tea. I was not a fan of tea at first but I was able to appreciate it later on. The scent of a tea is not as pungent as of coffee. I would drink tea when I want to feel refreshed and also calmed down.
I came back to drinking coffee when I was invited by my friend to hang out at Starbucks. Starbucks here in the Philippines is one of those places that would be flowing with people that are a mixture of the young professionals, students, and couples enjoying each others company. Starbucks was a "cool" hang out place to go boy watching according to my friend. I was seventeen at that time so boy watching was a sport within my group. We would endlessly talk and check out guys that would pass our table. Sometimes we would be playing a game of rating which ones are hot and which ones are not. I mostly enjoy drinking frappuchino with my friend while talking in a crowded coffee shop. Up until my friend went to Europe for her studies. Most of my college life was hanging out with my friend's at their house and just chillin' or doing some projects. After my friend left, I also left our regular spot at Starbucks.

After graduating college, I immediately got a job at a Call center and wasn't able to enjoy most of my free time because I'm too tired. Until one day I saw a Starbucks in our office and bought a venti frap. I was in love again and made it a habit that I would be buying a venti of coffee every payday.

But after a year in the call center industry, I got burnt out and quit my job. I was also forced to quit my monthly habit of drinking Starbucks coffee. I had no money to buy a Starbucks venti frap. I actually went back in just drinking regular instant coffee. So weird right?

But when I got my last salary from my previous job I immediately went and bought me a venti mocca frappuchino. It was like heaven all over again. It was funny because I thought I had an orgasm when I had my first sip. I know its really weird that coffee made me whole again. I think its not the brand that I loved, but simply the coffee itself. I think this affair I have with coffee will never end.

much love!




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