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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ideas for Prom

Prom season is around the corner and I have some ideas for those who would like to stand out in the crowd for just one night.

When I attended my prom then it was not as bad at it is. During my junior year my mom bought me a Cinderella-inspired dress. I remembered my dress was in lavender. I actually looked like Cinderella that night, as much as I like her, I don't want to look like her.

But when I had our senior prom, my look was actually really good. I had a red princess type dress, which actually looked fabulous on me! I got redemption in my pictures then :)

I'll be dividing my advises in 3 categories: Curvy, Slender, and Petite.

For Petite girls, I would suggest to go with a cocktail dress (see figure above) since it will emphasize your legs. Also wear beige colored heels so you'll give an illusion of longer legs. Another tip I have learned is when sporting a prom dress, always have proper posture to amplify the elegance of the dress.

For Slender girls, I suggest to go with long dresses.
Also try to choose the color of your dress in a champagne or taupe color,
so it will make your skin glow.

For Curvy girls, I would definitely advise you girls to wear a dress with only 1 color. Also its better to get an empire waisted dress since it will give you that illusion of an hour glass figure. Stay away from shiny fabric since it will emphasize those places that you don't want to be emphasized.

I hope these helped you with your prom dilemmas ladies!

till my next post!


much love!

-- A


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