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Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey girls! Happy valentines!

I have always celebrated my Valentines by myself but that doesn't mean that I have to feel bad about it right?

I can absolutely say that I am very much single and loving it!

Usually on Valentines, I would be either working or I am sick. I actually haven't experience having a date on valentines day. But of all the things I have gone through last year, I think this valentines day would just be an ordinary working day for me.

But for those that has a date or no date this Valentines, always remember that everyday is valentines day.

Like it says at the picture above

Love isn't quite complicated enough as it is.

I have always thought that Valentines is just for lovers, but as I grew up I learned that love is not just for 2 but for anyone that wants to experience it.

Have a great valentines day!

much love!

-- A

Here's one Kpop Song that I really like at the moment.

The title fits so well with the post :)

(pictures are from


Emafe said... [Reply]

Nice post Alice and so true :)

EveryDay Makeup blog said... [Reply]

Valentines is just another day for me and my bf lol. We stopped giving each other Valentines Day presents a long time ago but we do greet each other hehe..

and you go girl for being single and independent!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thank you so much for reading my post! :)

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