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Friday, February 11, 2011

get to know me a lil better

Hello girlies! I'm back!

This blog is a little something for you girls (and guys (O.o) ) to get to know me better.

For starters, My name is Alice. I usually prefer to be called by Alex since whenever I introduce myself the immediate response is " in wonderland?" I know that joke already people, It has been told like 1500 time...

I just turned 22 last January, I am the youngest and I have 2 brothers, Alan (35) and Alvin (28). Living with 2 brothers would say that I am also one of the boys...well you could say that.
When I was younger I would be the pesky but trustful little sister. I actually know how to wrestle when I was younger. And what I mean by wrestle is the way WWE stars do.

I'm closer to my elder brother than the second one. I like him better because he is nicer to me...hehe...

I actually grew up in a pretty normal family. I have a mom, a dad, 2 brothers and a house full of women. My mom is actually a manager for professional dancers that will be performing in Japan.

My dad is an electrician. He can fix from televisions to computer monitors. I have a close relationship with my dad since he was the one who usually takes care of me when my mom was out for work. One of my fondest memories with my dad is when he would ask me to take an afternoon nap with him and afterwards we will go eat some delicious goto or arrozcaldo! or better yet he'll be cooking some champorado!

My dad's specialty is pancit, which is sooooo delicious. I never got tired of eating his version of pancit. :)

As you can see I'm quite full figured. I would honestly tell you that I hated my body because of its size but now I am doing something about it. I am actually trying to lose weight now. I am currently dieting and also doing some exercise when I have the time.

I took up Mass Communications in college. I took this course because I am curious with media ever since I was in high school.

Now I am working as an online English teacher. weird right? from media to education.

My job is not like the ones that you see the teacher everyday. I teach my students over the phone. Mostly my students are kids age 7 - 12 years old. I also have students that are older than I do, in which some of them don't even answer my calls haha! so weird! but its okay.

Writing is actually my first love. I like writing because it gives me the freedom to say what I want. I remember I started writing poetry in High school.

Well I think I have to stop right here.

If you do have any question just comment below and I'll answer that as soon as I can :)

much love!

-- A


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