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Monday, February 28, 2011

drinks that can calm you down :)

Are you Stressed?

Burned out?

Wanna scream but can't seem to know how?

I know how you feel, especially if you work in a very intense environment, for example, a call center.
With reports due, presentations needed to be passed, demanding boss and so many stress factors this article can help you lower that stress level you have with just choosing from this five concoctions.

1. A glass of milk.
milk contains tryptophan which converts to serotonin, a substance that basically boosts our moods. Milk also has calcium, magnesium and potassium to keep our blood pressure down. I suggest this if you have mood swings before or during your period girls.

2. Hot coco / Hot chocolate.
warm drinks actually makes us associate it with comfort and also relaxation. This is perfect once you get home after a stressful day at work.

3. Black tea.
Black tea actually lowers our stress hormone. So the next time you want to lower your stress level don't order coffee in your local coffee shop, order black tea instead. Oolong tea is another option.

4. Green tea.
Out of all the tea drinks out there green tea is actually well known to lower our stress levels. Packed with theanine, this substance sends a message to our brains to put it in a relaxation mode. Perfect for a weekend of relaxation at home.

5. A glass of cold H2o with a walk outside for fresh (or polluted) air.
This is actually one thing I do more often when I'm stressed. What the water does is it gets your body moving, while the activity invigorates you by stimulating endorphins thus de-stresses you. You can do this if you are on a break, instead of smoking your stress away. 15 minutes of walking with a tall glass of water can calm you down.

Here is my take on five drinks you'll definitely try to be more relaxed either at work, at home, or anywhere.

much love!


geishcharles said... [Reply]

i love this post! basic yet so informative:))

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