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Sunday, January 2, 2011

how to get over a break up / or being dumped

Getting over a break up or being dumped is tough. I have been through those several times and I can say its one of the toughest things to do. But here are some tips I can show you to at least ease that broken heart.

1. Cry cry cry BUT not forever!

This is very important for us because if we don't let out the anger/grief and all those emotions later on will hunt us. Excess baggage is something that I don't want to bring with me till I grow old let me tell you that.

I also suggest to give yourself a time frame till when you are going to cry over him/her. For me I would usually set it for at least a week so I can also do the adjustments in my life.

2. Think it over. think why it ended.

This is I think where we girls are good at. For one, we girls tend to know the reason sometimes when we had fights with our significant other. Write all of it and think it over if its your fault, his fault or both.

On personal experience, I would say the only I wasn't able to give that much to my EX is time. I was working back then in a call center, and mostly the free time I would have is for me to sleep a complete 8 hours. But on second thought the reason we broke up is because He never told me he has a girlfriend in the first place.

3. Reinvent yourself. Splurge a little!

This one I think is one of the exciting parts of getting over a break up or being dumped. For one, this would also help you reconnect with your friends. When I was getting over my break up I would usually call my guy friends and ask them if they can hang out with me. I am a very laid back person. Simple hang out over at my friend's place is all good for me.

Another good thing about this step is you get to transform yourself with the help of your friends. I would actually splurge more on eating out and hanging out with my friends. I don't really shop a lot, but if shopping is your thing better bring your girlfriend/s with you for tons of fun.

Have more than one to help you go over that make over honey. Its gonna be worth it! ^^

4. Go out. Have fun.

Going out is basically saying you are now a step closer to moving on with the break up. You can go on dates, parties, clubbing and tons more. Have fun once in a while to make yourself feel free from the pain of breaking up or from the pain of being dumped.

Think of this, going out can also help you meet new people in the process. Also remember to don't over do it. Partying too much will make your image look ugly. Party moderately.

5. Have a proper closure.

I should have put this as the first thing to do. But if you can't get a proper closure now, you can just make a proper closure when the heat is off.

When me and my EX talked for the closure of our relationship, it was not easy. I can say I have let go of the thought of being with him. But for him, it was a different case. He was trying to get back with me. If that is the situation for you better think hard and good if you'd let him back. For me it was a basic no.

Breaking up and moving on is a process almost every one of us has to go through. Have a friend to hold your back and don't be afraid to try new things. Sometimes the best of things happen if we have let go of our excess baggage.

much love!

-- Alice //photoescape


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