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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do I really want to be blond?

(sorry for the bland expression! I was sick when I took that picture :P )

I was always a brunette...well more likely a lighter version of a brunette. I actually had my hair colored in a lighter tone with matching highlight /lowlights courtesy of Bench Fix Salon about a year ago but alas the events that happened (i.e. resigned from work and other things) I wasn't able to go to the salon to have it maintained :(

This year I am thinking of doing a drastic change in my look. I am gonna go blond. Not the blond that Marilyn Monroe had but more of a golden blond look, more like CL of 2ne1.

(isn't her hair color just soooo cute? :) )

I got inspired going for this look when I saw CL's hair on the video 'Can't Nobody' and 'Go Away', I know television has it ways to influence people to do crazy stuff. haha!

My mom was originally not happy when I told her that I want a new look. I simply said "Mama I want to have blond hair." and she simply said a big flat NO. Of course being the little princess that I am, I was able to influence her to say yes in the end. *teehee*

It seems so childish but I still ask her for those stuff so she won't be shocked to see me with blond hair one day. It's also a sign of respect for her since she always liked my light brunette hair.

I basically want to change my look to also face a new life ahead of me. I am now a teacher. I know its weird to have a teacher with blond hair. The hair itself will not make you not focus on your lesson, believe me on that!

I want this look to also be a sign that I am ready for change. I always embraced change in my life and am willing to do the necessary adjustments for it.

I just have one thing that hinders me from being blond...THE PROCEDURE.

I read in this one article that you seriously have to think about it because it can affect your health - way to be optimistic dude!

So to my fellow bloggers and also readers, what do you think? does going blond gonna be good for me?
Post your comments below! any comment is welcome


much love!

-- Alice



Jendee said... [Reply]

Yesss sweetie! blonde is so cute!~ You should add fringe too ^.^

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks jendee! I will try to add a fringe ^_^ and I'll let you see what it looks like ^_^

Isabella Marie Cullen said... [Reply]

Ganda ng hair!!! Lagyan mo pa ng mejo light pa jan..:)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Isabella Marie Cullen thanks! :)

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