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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SERIES: my favorite pinay youtubers / bloggers: Askmewhats

HEY GIRLIES! I'm back with another part of my series for my current favorite pinay youtubers / bloggers!

This particular lady I have is actually not a youtuber but more of a beauty blogger. I have been reading her articles as far as I can remember since August or September of this year.

Her name is Nikki but mostly I would refer to her as Miss AMW....its a shortcut from her blogsite Askmewhat **teehee**

I like her (and her site) because she gives honest product reviews and also some of the products that she reviews are locally available. Usually the bloggers that I would follow MUST feature products that are:

1. Locally available.


2. Would not be that expensive. I may be a lover of make up and beauty products but I know where my money needs to be spent sometimes. :)

Nikki actually fit both criteria! :)

I know what you are wondering. Why did I feature April (AprilAthena7) in my favorites when she does not fit both criteria?

April is different from Nikki since April is based in the US while Nikki is in the Philippines.

April mostly feature products that are available in her part of the bushes while Nikki features products that are available in our neck of the woods :D

And what I absolutely love about AMW's posts is that she is like talking to her readers which makes me want to read more! hehe....

She is also very friendly with her readers. I actually commented in one of her posts recently and asked what can be a good way to blog about beauty related things since I am just starting. You can see her reply here ^_^

Well that's it for today for the series. Thank you so much for reading and comment below for your comments and suggestions!

much love!

-- Alice


Marge said... [Reply]

definitely agree with this post, baby girl.

and she really replies to tweets and comments on her blog. super woman ata sya eh ;-)

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