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Sunday, December 19, 2010

a quick fix for those dark puffy eyes **re uploaded from my multiply page**

I have friends who have trouble with their dark puffy circles under their eyes. I also have this problem but luckily the skin under my eyes just tends to be puffy in the morning.
For those girls who would like a fix on those problems I suggest investing on a good eye cream. When choosing eye cream the main ingredient you have to think is retinol which is another term for vitamin A. Retinol is an anti aging substance which can help you reduce the puffiness and also the dark pigment in our skin - more importantly in the skin around our eyes.
Another thing I can say that can reduce the puffiness would be to place 2 cold spoons under your eyes in the morning. Not only will this two spoons wake you up, it will make your skin firmer. Remember to only do this one when you wake up in the morning.
Well I think I have to go now... thanks so much for reading! and also if you have any questions just comment below ayt?
much love!
-- alice


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