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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

project 10 pan update 12-15-2010

hello ladies! I'm back with a new update on the project pan series! I know I wasn't able to update you last November...I was pretty busy with my new job that I had forgotten to make an entry for that month. I'm actually planning on making updates every other month so you'll see the difference of the products.

First up is the cosmetics ^_^ I'll be putting another blog for the products later ^_^

Clean and clear oil control Powder.
This is one of my favorite compacts and unfortunately I had to say goodbye to it last October. I'm thinking of repurchasing one in the future because I have a back up once the clean and clear runs out. (sorry I forgot to take a pic of this ^^)

Proderm Compact.
This is also like the clean and clear but it has SPF 15 so its good for everyday usage. It has actually cracked more these days because I use it every day when I need to touch up my make up.

Max Factor Foundation.
This baby is still working for me and I am loving it. I use this every day even if I feel sluggish because it does make my skin look flawless.

Helena Rubinstein blush.
I had to say my goodbyes to this product just last November. I do admit at first I was very intimidated by the color this blush gave to my skin, but I actually got lots of compliments that it makes my skin glow. I'm not really sure if Helena Rubinstein is being sold here in Manila anymore.

L'oreal Hip Jelly Balm in Luscious
This product has not given up on me yet. I haven't even reached the bottom of the pot so I think this product will still last for another 4 months or so.

Ombretto Four Eye shadows
These is the quad...I mean trio that I use more often (^0^) . The colors seem to really match my skin. I use the purple and white color most of the time.

alue eyeshadow
Unfortunately, there was no difference with this eyeshadow from the month before because I have been using the ombretto four eye shadows more. I will try to incorporate this more this month so by January I have less stuff to worry about.

cover girl highlighter powder
The pot is still half full unfortunately but since I have been using this almost everyday I can see the change with this.

cream eyeshadow and red palette
The cream eyeshadow is actually from Japan in which I actually don't know how to say or even spell its name! haha! but aside from that I have actually been using this more often since it stays on all day. with the red palette, I have not used it like the alue eyeshadow. but like the alue eyeshadow, I'll try to incorporate them more in my make up.

almay foundation
Since this foundation is actually very dark for my skin tone, I decided to use it as a bronzer. I've actually used it a couple of times but unfortunately I have to throw it out immediately because it has expired already. I know it has expired because its smell is much different when I first had it.

hypo allergenics loose powder
The hypo allergenics loose powder actually made my skin itch every time I use it. I was gonna throw it out when one of my friends told me to just add some liquid foundation to make my liquid foundation a little thicker. I actually did, But I use this as a concealer and as an eyeshadow base more. It works great on my skin. ^_^
heng feng mascara

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my article for today!

much love!

-- Alice

PS. I'll still be posting some blogs on my multiply site but that would be more of a journal instead of make up and beauty related stuff ^^ this will also be edited again coz I don't have the pictures of the pans as of the moment..


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