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Monday, December 27, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

Christmas came by and it was fun. This is actually the first time I spent Christmas without my dad :(. But I know my dad is somewhere safe and he is also happy for us because we were able to pass thru this several months (still) trying to cope with him somewhere else.

This is not going be a blog about my dad....I would do a blog about him some other time because its quite a sensitive topic for me...

This blog would actually be my wish list for my birthday (duh!) haha!

Technically 2 weeks from now would be my 22nd birthday. My exact birthday is January 6. hehe! just want to let you girls know ^_^

I think this year would be the start of a different tradition for me. Usually during my birthday celebration I would be me and my cousins going to the amusement park. Really silly but I have lots of cousins that are not even in their puberty so my birthday would actually be a post-Christmas celebration also for our family. This year would be different because I would be spending it with my friends for a change. ^_^

Note: To my friends who will be able to read this I AM SERIOUS about some of the items here. Its your choice what you'll give me...haha! have fun reading! ^_^

Ray Ban Wayfarers

I have been loving Ray Ban Wayfarers ever since I wore my first pair (I was 8 years old). I love its very laid back design that it would actually fit any kind of outfit you have and give it a very 'rockstar' appeal to it. My last pair of Ray Bans were a black and white one which unfortunately got broken when I was at a party last May :(

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

I have heard tons of raves about this perfume *ehem* eau de parfum and I've got to try it out for myself. According to the description in the website it is....
A Glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangi-la peony, and Vanilla Orchid.
And just look at its packaging *gasp* it actually took my breath away the first time I saw it.

Etude House Baby Skin Base
I saw this product a couple of weeks ago at the mall and I was just in love with it. Usually a product would get me hook in buying it at the packaging only, but since I have been on a no-make up ban due to project pan I would only look at it with envy everytime I would pass by the Etude house counter in SM megamall :(...

A good pair of booties
This one is actually the simplest of wish I have. I like --scratch that-- I LOVE shoes!
To tell you girls honestly, I love stilletos, pumps and any kind of shoe that has a high heel on it but I usually don't wear it because its not that comfortable if you have to walk for at least 20 mins from the train station to your office everyday :P. But I would wear heels when I have to look fierce for an event or a date. :) I usually like a pair of heels that can be versatile for any occassion.
Well that's it for my birthday wishlist. It may seem that I sound like I'm being materialistic about my wishes but these are just some things that I have been loving to have. It doesn't necessarily mean that I want to have all these. I also have a wish for my birthday that I think only those that who know can make it come true. I wish on my 22nd birthday is that I would be able to have a simple dinner with all my brothers and sister. A simple dinner with them would be enough for me to feel that we are complete again.
thank you for reading and watch out for my next post!
much love!
-- Alice // Photoescape
Pictures were taken from google. com :)
if you would like to get to know me more just message below :)


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