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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SERIES: my favorite pinay youtubers / bloggers: Askmewhats

HEY GIRLIES! I'm back with another part of my series for my current favorite pinay youtubers / bloggers!

This particular lady I have is actually not a youtuber but more of a beauty blogger. I have been reading her articles as far as I can remember since August or September of this year.

Her name is Nikki but mostly I would refer to her as Miss AMW....its a shortcut from her blogsite Askmewhat **teehee**

I like her (and her site) because she gives honest product reviews and also some of the products that she reviews are locally available. Usually the bloggers that I would follow MUST feature products that are:

1. Locally available.


2. Would not be that expensive. I may be a lover of make up and beauty products but I know where my money needs to be spent sometimes. :)

Nikki actually fit both criteria! :)

I know what you are wondering. Why did I feature April (AprilAthena7) in my favorites when she does not fit both criteria?

April is different from Nikki since April is based in the US while Nikki is in the Philippines.

April mostly feature products that are available in her part of the bushes while Nikki features products that are available in our neck of the woods :D

And what I absolutely love about AMW's posts is that she is like talking to her readers which makes me want to read more! hehe....

She is also very friendly with her readers. I actually commented in one of her posts recently and asked what can be a good way to blog about beauty related things since I am just starting. You can see her reply here ^_^

Well that's it for today for the series. Thank you so much for reading and comment below for your comments and suggestions!

much love!

-- Alice

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Birthday Wishlist

Christmas came by and it was fun. This is actually the first time I spent Christmas without my dad :(. But I know my dad is somewhere safe and he is also happy for us because we were able to pass thru this several months (still) trying to cope with him somewhere else.

This is not going be a blog about my dad....I would do a blog about him some other time because its quite a sensitive topic for me...

This blog would actually be my wish list for my birthday (duh!) haha!

Technically 2 weeks from now would be my 22nd birthday. My exact birthday is January 6. hehe! just want to let you girls know ^_^

I think this year would be the start of a different tradition for me. Usually during my birthday celebration I would be me and my cousins going to the amusement park. Really silly but I have lots of cousins that are not even in their puberty so my birthday would actually be a post-Christmas celebration also for our family. This year would be different because I would be spending it with my friends for a change. ^_^

Note: To my friends who will be able to read this I AM SERIOUS about some of the items here. Its your choice what you'll give me...haha! have fun reading! ^_^

Ray Ban Wayfarers

I have been loving Ray Ban Wayfarers ever since I wore my first pair (I was 8 years old). I love its very laid back design that it would actually fit any kind of outfit you have and give it a very 'rockstar' appeal to it. My last pair of Ray Bans were a black and white one which unfortunately got broken when I was at a party last May :(

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

I have heard tons of raves about this perfume *ehem* eau de parfum and I've got to try it out for myself. According to the description in the website it is....
A Glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangi-la peony, and Vanilla Orchid.
And just look at its packaging *gasp* it actually took my breath away the first time I saw it.

Etude House Baby Skin Base
I saw this product a couple of weeks ago at the mall and I was just in love with it. Usually a product would get me hook in buying it at the packaging only, but since I have been on a no-make up ban due to project pan I would only look at it with envy everytime I would pass by the Etude house counter in SM megamall :(...

A good pair of booties
This one is actually the simplest of wish I have. I like --scratch that-- I LOVE shoes!
To tell you girls honestly, I love stilletos, pumps and any kind of shoe that has a high heel on it but I usually don't wear it because its not that comfortable if you have to walk for at least 20 mins from the train station to your office everyday :P. But I would wear heels when I have to look fierce for an event or a date. :) I usually like a pair of heels that can be versatile for any occassion.
Well that's it for my birthday wishlist. It may seem that I sound like I'm being materialistic about my wishes but these are just some things that I have been loving to have. It doesn't necessarily mean that I want to have all these. I also have a wish for my birthday that I think only those that who know can make it come true. I wish on my 22nd birthday is that I would be able to have a simple dinner with all my brothers and sister. A simple dinner with them would be enough for me to feel that we are complete again.
thank you for reading and watch out for my next post!
much love!
-- Alice // Photoescape
Pictures were taken from google. com :)
if you would like to get to know me more just message below :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SERIES: My favorite pinay youtubers / bloggers

HEY LADIES! I'm back! I'm currently blogging from work which I think is okay if you are doing it during your break while you are checking how your students are doing.. haha! I am such a sucker for multi tasking.

This will actually be my series for my favorite Pinay Youtubers and also Favorite Bloggers. All of you may not know but I have a youtube account in which mostly I would talk about make up and beauty and other stuff in between.

The first youtuber / blogger that is featured is AprilAthena7. I saw her on youtuber I think around 3 months ago and I was amazed because she is so pretty!

I know we are not that close in Youtube because I would rarely message her and we are not friends in Facebook. I would love to know her more because I think she is one pretty and talented pinay.

I wish she would be able to read this..

what do you think about her?

comment below for your thoughts ayt?

much love!

-- alice
*picture was grabbed from her recent haul blog post see how diligent I am in reading? haha! *

DARA's new look

2ne1's Dara - or much known here in the Philippines as the "Pambansang Krung-Krung" Sandara Park has made some drastic changes in her look. (picture above)

She actually said that she made the transformation to look like a sophisticated city girl but she actually transformed into an elementary student! haha! krung krung ka pa rin talaga! haha!

That was actually really funny because if you look into the picture it does bring out both looks.

But in general, I think her look is really versatile because you can go transform yourself into a cute girl in one minute then in the other you can be out in the clubs looking all fierce. Her hair cut is really good because you can make it into a very cosmopolitan or a very trendsetter-like look but still keep in touch with your cute side.

kudos to the hairstylist who made this happen!


Je suis qui je veux être. être qui vous voulez être -- photoescape

(photos courtesy of Yahoo)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

a quick fix for those dark puffy eyes **re uploaded from my multiply page**

I have friends who have trouble with their dark puffy circles under their eyes. I also have this problem but luckily the skin under my eyes just tends to be puffy in the morning.
For those girls who would like a fix on those problems I suggest investing on a good eye cream. When choosing eye cream the main ingredient you have to think is retinol which is another term for vitamin A. Retinol is an anti aging substance which can help you reduce the puffiness and also the dark pigment in our skin - more importantly in the skin around our eyes.
Another thing I can say that can reduce the puffiness would be to place 2 cold spoons under your eyes in the morning. Not only will this two spoons wake you up, it will make your skin firmer. Remember to only do this one when you wake up in the morning.
Well I think I have to go now... thanks so much for reading! and also if you have any questions just comment below ayt?
much love!
-- alice

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

project 10 pan update 12-15-2010

hello ladies! I'm back with a new update on the project pan series! I know I wasn't able to update you last November...I was pretty busy with my new job that I had forgotten to make an entry for that month. I'm actually planning on making updates every other month so you'll see the difference of the products.

First up is the cosmetics ^_^ I'll be putting another blog for the products later ^_^

Clean and clear oil control Powder.
This is one of my favorite compacts and unfortunately I had to say goodbye to it last October. I'm thinking of repurchasing one in the future because I have a back up once the clean and clear runs out. (sorry I forgot to take a pic of this ^^)

Proderm Compact.
This is also like the clean and clear but it has SPF 15 so its good for everyday usage. It has actually cracked more these days because I use it every day when I need to touch up my make up.

Max Factor Foundation.
This baby is still working for me and I am loving it. I use this every day even if I feel sluggish because it does make my skin look flawless.

Helena Rubinstein blush.
I had to say my goodbyes to this product just last November. I do admit at first I was very intimidated by the color this blush gave to my skin, but I actually got lots of compliments that it makes my skin glow. I'm not really sure if Helena Rubinstein is being sold here in Manila anymore.

L'oreal Hip Jelly Balm in Luscious
This product has not given up on me yet. I haven't even reached the bottom of the pot so I think this product will still last for another 4 months or so.

Ombretto Four Eye shadows
These is the quad...I mean trio that I use more often (^0^) . The colors seem to really match my skin. I use the purple and white color most of the time.

alue eyeshadow
Unfortunately, there was no difference with this eyeshadow from the month before because I have been using the ombretto four eye shadows more. I will try to incorporate this more this month so by January I have less stuff to worry about.

cover girl highlighter powder
The pot is still half full unfortunately but since I have been using this almost everyday I can see the change with this.

cream eyeshadow and red palette
The cream eyeshadow is actually from Japan in which I actually don't know how to say or even spell its name! haha! but aside from that I have actually been using this more often since it stays on all day. with the red palette, I have not used it like the alue eyeshadow. but like the alue eyeshadow, I'll try to incorporate them more in my make up.

almay foundation
Since this foundation is actually very dark for my skin tone, I decided to use it as a bronzer. I've actually used it a couple of times but unfortunately I have to throw it out immediately because it has expired already. I know it has expired because its smell is much different when I first had it.

hypo allergenics loose powder
The hypo allergenics loose powder actually made my skin itch every time I use it. I was gonna throw it out when one of my friends told me to just add some liquid foundation to make my liquid foundation a little thicker. I actually did, But I use this as a concealer and as an eyeshadow base more. It works great on my skin. ^_^
heng feng mascara

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my article for today!

much love!

-- Alice

PS. I'll still be posting some blogs on my multiply site but that would be more of a journal instead of make up and beauty related stuff ^^ this will also be edited again coz I don't have the pictures of the pans as of the moment..
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