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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the categories of 'friendship'

In friendships, there would be a time that friends would have fights and after those fights they would make up and be friends again…. does that mean that there is a forgive and forget scenario in the picture? Maybe. There would be a ‘scar’ in their friendship, that scar can be healed, it just depends if the other person will forget about it. Some friendships are just plain that they pretend that everything is okay…but actually it is not. There is the ‘plasticity’ and the betrayal of friendships. In my personal experience, I have done those things; it is because I am a person that values friendships. And I am a person that doesn’t give a person a second chance in mending something that is already broken. Many of my friends are categorized in 3 categories; the ‘bitches/jerks’, the ‘gray line’, and the ‘true people’. This may seem like I am being plastic, I am but I use my brain that when a person has value to me, whether or not that I like him/her I would just use them for my own advantage. I may seem bad right now, but that is just my only way to get back at them. I have tons of friends that are in the ‘bitches/jerks’ category, they just don’t know it. In the first category, I don’t have much trust on them, that sometimes I don’t tell them some of my deepest desires. These type of people are total attention-grabbers, that they would suck the good things out of anything, these people would like to be the center of everything….that sometimes they would want to copy others that are ‘higher’ than what they are. They just don’t know that they are going too far, that they look like leeches sucking blood for their life.

The ‘gray line’ is the category that these people are on the verge on becoming ‘leeches’ in my life. These people are okay to me, I have trust in them, but sometimes I doubt their truthfulness to me. I seldom tell them personal things about me. And I don’t tell them any information about a love interest, unless I am sure of what I am feeling. These types of people are mostly I talk to, but not that often. Maybe because they have filthy mouth that I want to dip them in a bath tub full of acid to dissolve their tongues.

The ‘true people’ are the least crowded category. In this category, the people in here are the closest to me that I would do everything just to protect them from the other 2 categories. These people are the kind that when I hang out with them am I is the real ‘me’. When I say ‘me’ it means that I am at my highest level of energy in giving out jokes, stories and I just tell them everything about me, from the silliest to the deepest secrets and desires of my heart.

Do u have categories of your ‘friends’? let me know….maybe we have the same person in the same category…..


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