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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dynamo SBR.PH in 2018

SWIMBIKERUN.PH ( is all set to bring the home-grown triathlon community in the the recognition it deserves this 2018. As enters its 8th year, new partnerships came to front all geared for the growing local community's recognition and growth.

First into the partnership are The Big Difference Communications, a PR-Marketing and Events Management, responsible in promoting some of the sports-related events in the country such as the Philippine Ducati Weekend. They are also responsible in promoting the Axe Black-Fabio, Hattendo, Samwon; to name a few. Next into the partnership is with Black Arrow Express, the e-commerce arm of Airlift Asia Incorporated. Black Arrow Express is all set in supporting the triathlon community - now focusing the home grown triathletes development.

Part of the new partnership is also with Century Properties - Century City Mall, acting as venue host for the upcoming press conference for the Tri-Series, the TRIpalooza/SwimBikeRun Expo and Awards Night in January and February respectively. Showing recognition to the growing community and activities of is the Department of Tourism (DOT). With the focus attention on sports tourism this year, DOT is showing recognition to the growing home breed of athletes in the triathlon field.

To give more excitement to the growing Philippine triathlon community is the creation of the triathlon activity for kids and people with disability (PWD). Everything is in the works for this 2018.

The tri-series event shall start this March and conclude in June, with a press launch this January and the home-grown community recognition night in February. The tri-series shall be held in the Philippine Sports Plaza, Nuvali and Fontana while the pre-events is at the activity center of the Century City Mall in Makati City. With the awards night, new set of awards will be given out such as the Hall of Fame, Breakthrough Athlete as recognized by Black Arrow Express and a recognition coming from the DOT.

2018 is entering strong this year for the home-grown triathlon community as delivers things in style.

Mindful Journal Day 15

You know when you are in the mood to work on a project then all of a sudden you just can't work because the most important thing you need just won't work?

Yeah. My internet sucks.

The funny part in this predicament is that I usually edit my videos before I go to bed which is around 10:30PM to 11:30PM which is when not a lot of people in my house are connected to the WiFi thus I have the bandwith to myself. Wow, I sound so selfish saying that.

It just frustrates me that I should have faster internet connection during this time because if I use my mobile data my wallet will be screwed because I need to get a data plan that is way more than my budget.

And I actually pay on time on my internet service which sucks more because WHY IS MY SERVICE NOT AT PAR WITH ME PAYING ON TIME??

And another thing that iffed me today is the whole youtube partnership issue. The whole jist of it is if you don't have xx amount of views per month and xx amount of subscribers you are not eligible for youtube monetization which I was like WHAT THE FUDGE YOUTUBE?!

I have been on youtube since 2009 and I got eligibility just 2 years ago to be a youtube partner and now since I only have 636 subscribers I am not allowed to earn from making videos? You have got to be kidding me!

I admit that I don't upload regularly because my internet sucks so bad I had to shell out money for mobile data to upload my videos. It stresses me out more because I need to get 364 more people to even be eligible for the program now.

This kind of thing discourages other people such as myself because I make content on youtube and I work hard for it and just because some douche bag decided he is king of youtube he decided to violate the policy and now we have to suffer too.

Oh my goodness my blood pressure is rising. I know I'm ranting on this part but I need to get some steam off my chest because its hard to make content let alone people notice it. this is just making it harder for other content creators to be motivated in making content on their channels.

Ugh. I need to sleep. I really do.

I will try to elaborate this more on another post but for now I need to sleep.

Much Love


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 14

I got a bluetooth headphones!

I know this is a lame but the fact that I now have this amazing thing that will help me concentrate when I write because I like listening to music when I write.

But usually I listen to ambient music to make me concentrate and it works.

Today I bought some stuff because I needed to get new stuff to make me feel good. And for some reason I've learned that retail therapy is amazing when you feel miserable.

I mostly bought stationary stuff because I like writing on a notebook.

And maybe this is my adulting side but going through my accounting makes me so stressed out that I need to have a notebook for everything - no joke.

I bought a bunch of notebooks that I find cute and new pens because its never a bad idea to get a new pen once in a while.

I also bought some products to review for my youtube channel and I missed shopping for myself. I missed going through aisles of products and just be amazed.

The biggest purchase I got would probably be this at the moment and I am just in heaven after shopping. It felt so great just to do this!

Now I gotta go.
Much Love!

xx Alice

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 7 to 13

I got sick.

Its terrible.

I thought it was just a common cold or something but it was not. I got broncho pneumonia AGAIN.


I experienced it back in 2010 when I overworked myself to the point I only get 2 hours of sleep when I was working in the BPO industry which also lead me to quitting that job because I was mentally and physically exhausted getting cursed for being incompetent by someone that lived on the other side of the world.

But this time it was worse than the first one. I felt like my whole body was giving up on me that I lost a lot of energy to even move for more than five minutes at a time!

I know it might be an exaggeration, but surely it was how I felt at that exact moment.

The good thing about the experience is that I was able to enjoy the comforts of sleeping peacefully even though I felt my whole existence was about to end after every horrendous coughing fit.

I was also able to experience amazing Korean soup from my Korean neighbor when she found out I was sick. She gave me seaweed soup and also chicken with ginseng soup. It was AMAZING I TELL YOU!

Of course there were some downsides, one is that I was not able to write, film or edit anything because my body just told me to drop everything and rest.

The coughing fits were horrible. I was like coughing my lungs out of my body and at times my heart palpitated so much I thought it was going to explode at any given notice.

Its horrible being sick. But its an experience we go through to be called a normal human being. I hate it yes, but its a normal thing so just go through it, drink your fluids and enjoy an amazing sleep because once you get better its back to the old grind again.

I know I should keep up with my promise, but as much as possible I want to keep my journal as spontaneous as possible. I prefer writing it at what I prefer it to be. I will try to keep up daily for sure.

I am still getting used to writing again everyday.

Much Love!
xx Alice

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 6 of 365

I feel sick. Scratch that - I AM SICK!

This maybe because of the weather and stress coming to push me down.

I really can't breath properly which scares me to go to sleep. I had to sleep sideways or laying on top of my stomach afraid I might die if I sleep on my back. I am getting more paranoid than ever which is frustrating.

I went to the doctor's office earlier to get myself checked because what I am having doesn't want to leave me.

The doctor gave me medicine and actually advised me to get admitted but I opted not to because I don't have enough funds to get myself admitted.

I hate getting sick.

As much as I love to sleep in my bed all day, I prefer to get up and work.

So far that is what happened today.

Wish me luck for a faster recovery. I really need it.

xx Alice
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