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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 17

If you have read my previous post, you will understand this post further.

I never really intended to push him to breaking up with me. I did it because I wanted attention from him. Its either we fight or I become petty - and apparently I mixed those two together and it ended my relationship.

During the first stage of our relationship it was okay. He was the clingy one in the relationship but the farther we got into the journey the more he pushed me away.

Before we finally broke up I had my breaking point. It was about a week ago when we had a fight and 'broke up'. When that scenario happened I finally had my last breath of hope of him not being stubborn and just say sorry.

He was the one who was wrong during our argument that time by the way which is why I wanted him to apologize. It was over my facebook account password.

I know there will be mixed reactions towards this but as much as I love him I prefer my facebook to be as private as where I keep my underwear should me - For my eyes ONLY!

That was when I had enough. I had enough of pleasing him then in the process breaking myself. I had enough of just making him part of my priority while in his world I wasn't really on the top shelf.

I needed to love myself again.

That was when I realized something - We needed to break up. But he said sorry and I forgave him and everything was okay again...sort of.

Ever since that episode, he just started becoming less of a boyfriend but more of a reminder board. He never asked me if anything funny happened today. And if we do get some time to have a meaningful conversation it would just be about his games and slightly about how he misses me.

Remember that every person has their limitation - even gadgets have limitations so don't expect everything to run as smooth as it was once you dropped it.

I know that it took me years to regain myself back before I entered into a new serious relationship, but I think now I know what to do so it wouldn't take me longer to move on.

I admit the break up is still painful but its for myself that I needed to be strong and rebuild myself.

And starting today I will be doing that.

Much Love!

xx Alice

We Broke Up

At 1:08 AM my heart fell to the ground.

We broke up. Me and him decided we just need to break up. And honestly enough I knew it was going to happen. We were only a day away in spending our third month being together as a couple.

Its sad and honestly I wanted to cry my heart and soul out but I think a voice inside me kept saying you are way too good to cry over this. And at 3:04AM I still haven't shed a tear.

I will make a proper video that led up to the break up because I prefer talking about it rather than typing it because there might be some things I will filter out unlike in my videos I rarely filter myself to the point that I scare myself for being blunt.

I admit that the break up wasn't as bad as my previous ones but this one strike a string in my dainty heart because I sincerely loved him. I tried to be as understanding to him as I can but I have my limitations.

With our relationship, it was more of me taking care of him rather than a two way street.

I never had trust issues with him so don't think there was another girl involved. It was more of how he doesn't show how much he cares for me. There would be conversations were it was like he forced himself to check up on me rather than genuinely caring for me.

I sound so self-centered saying that but that is how I felt.

There were still a lot of things that made me question our relationship till now. He never really made an effort to be honest and I think that is one of the reasons why I got tired trying.

There were a lot of times we would have petty fights which will end up with me crying. He never really made a big gesture to make up for it which wasn't really a first for me. But the painful part was in one of our arguments, he said he will make a way to go to this event rather than spend time with me.

The hurt. A LOT.

And if ever he reads this, You are still in my heart but I think you were just meant to make me more mature in my future relationships. I never doubted you cheating on me and gave you all my trust. I just pray that in time you find that special girl you will change for her not because she wants you to change.

xx Alice

Friday, January 19, 2018


2018 is truly opening doors of opportunities as ( is recognized by the Department of Tourism (DOT) as a prime local group responsible for the tri-series events in the country.

Setting the tri-series event this March, May and June, the triathlon community is sure to expect a more energized set of events that will definitely rock this year. This year, the featured events of will start with a press conference that is set at the activity area of the Century City Mall. With Century City Mall as event location host for this year, will not only have its press con at the said area but also the Tripalooza and the Awards Night giving glamour and recognition that the growing community deserves. Gracing the said recognition night event is from the DOT to give talk and support for the said community. is a hobby based on passion that grew from an online shop of triathletes needs into an event group set for beginners and elite athletes alike. Carlos De Guzman, owner and the driving force of the said event and ecommerce group, started everything with simply passion in his heart for this sport. Now on its 8th year, he gets to team up with The Big Difference Communications – a PR-Marketing-Events Management group, making the usual simply more than the usual in its appeal.

The whole tri-series event shall take place at the following locations: Philippine Sports Plaza, Nuvali and Fontana. Each location shall set the place and pace for the Aquathlon-Aquaman, Duathlon-Duoman and Triathlon-Triman events. For registration and more information on the above mentioned events, log-in at Two events worth looking at is the triathlon feat for people with disability (PWD) and the kids category, which shall be made into reality in the succeeding months as stated by

Expect a more energized tri-series and more in 2018, showing why it is more fun in the Philippines with

Mindful Journal Day 16.

There were times that I would just be all over the place with my ideas that I needed a physical notebook for me to write them. That is why I bought all those stuff the other day to provide me more time to spend less online and just write.

And I know it sounds weird coming from a blogger that she wants to spend less time online and just write, but that is how I want to do sometimes.

With social media taking over so rapidly, sometimes I just want to slow down and just enjoy my day instead of going through my instagram, facebook and twitter to know what other people are up to.

I've let go of my fear of missing out a long time ago. I realized that living MY life is more important than minding what other people are doing online.

If you noticed, I never went with the flow of things like trends and stuff because I know to myself I can't keep up with that so I will just go do my own thing. The fear of missing out is basically our brain telling us to go with the current even if we are unable to go through with that smoothly.

I've learned that if I can't go with the flow, I will make my own flow and you should too.

Being a blogger, I've been through all the phases of being a newbie to where I am now. I don't consider myself a big time blogger or a small time blogger, I just consider myself a blogger who ain't taking shit anymore. I appreciate the brands and companies that trust me till this day and I am super thankful with your support.

At my age, I would like to focus more on myself and hustle to get to the top but not stress about it too much. That is why I lay off the social media less and less everyday. I do post regularly but only when I feel its important.

That is why I am trying to write down my ideas on a notebook so it would keep me pre occupied instead of being on my tablet all day even if I have a customer.

How about you?

Much Love

xx Alice

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dynamo SBR.PH in 2018

SWIMBIKERUN.PH ( is all set to bring the home-grown triathlon community in the the recognition it deserves this 2018. As enters its 8th year, new partnerships came to front all geared for the growing local community's recognition and growth.

First into the partnership are The Big Difference Communications, a PR-Marketing and Events Management, responsible in promoting some of the sports-related events in the country such as the Philippine Ducati Weekend. They are also responsible in promoting the Axe Black-Fabio, Hattendo, Samwon; to name a few. Next into the partnership is with Black Arrow Express, the e-commerce arm of Airlift Asia Incorporated. Black Arrow Express is all set in supporting the triathlon community - now focusing the home grown triathletes development.

Part of the new partnership is also with Century Properties - Century City Mall, acting as venue host for the upcoming press conference for the Tri-Series, the TRIpalooza/SwimBikeRun Expo and Awards Night in January and February respectively. Showing recognition to the growing community and activities of is the Department of Tourism (DOT). With the focus attention on sports tourism this year, DOT is showing recognition to the growing home breed of athletes in the triathlon field.

To give more excitement to the growing Philippine triathlon community is the creation of the triathlon activity for kids and people with disability (PWD). Everything is in the works for this 2018.

The tri-series event shall start this March and conclude in June, with a press launch this January and the home-grown community recognition night in February. The tri-series shall be held in the Philippine Sports Plaza, Nuvali and Fontana while the pre-events is at the activity center of the Century City Mall in Makati City. With the awards night, new set of awards will be given out such as the Hall of Fame, Breakthrough Athlete as recognized by Black Arrow Express and a recognition coming from the DOT.

2018 is entering strong this year for the home-grown triathlon community as delivers things in style.

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