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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Golfing Tournament Along with Sillag Festival will light up your weekend!

April 7, 2018, The Cliffs Golf Club goes into drive as people come in to be part of this year’s golf tournament.  Golf lovers, near and far, came in to Poro Point – San Fernando, La Union, to participate in the said tournament and enjoy the rest of the events set for the day as part of the annual light festival or more known as Sillag Festival.

The golf tournament is set into place by the Poro Point Management Council (PPMC) with The Big Difference Communications as media partner and in participation with Thunderbird Resort and Casino.  Along with it is the support of the Tourism Promotions Board under the helm of Director and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Cesar D. Montano and that of the Department of Tourism.   Sponsors of the event are as follow:  Mc Donald’s, Skin White Lotion, Chocovron, 8 Layers Technologies, Inc., Paul and Harris Cafe, Mc Ilhenny Co Brand Products – makers of Tabasco, Folgers, Cara Ole and Mega Creations.  Premium golf items are also up for grabs every raffle moment as the tournament progresses.

Set during the 2nd day of the 3-days festivities, the golf tournament is something of a tone-down but still energized event when compared to all the lights and fun fare activities for the day.  What set this apart is the subtle dynamic energy that you feel as the game develops.  As each player goes for a swing, you feel the excitement of hoping for a hole-in-one scenario or an impossible shot made possible at that time.  Fun and friendly competition is simply the theme for the day. 

Sillag’s golf tournament is one of the looked out for event in the festival.  This year the expected number of players has increased.  Joining this year’s golf tournament are Vince and Patricia Hizon, Anthony Suntay, Garry Lim, Epi Quizon and Rocco Nacino just to name a few.  Same as the previous years, the golf tournament is expected to draw in watchers of the sport just to have a glimpse of known players and game development.

With the tee off set and putters, drivers and clubs all ready to be swung at a minute’s notice, we expect balls to fly true and far as the tournament progresses and a winner is declared.

Monday, March 19, 2018

3 Things Why Investing on Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa can change your skin care routine

At 29 years old, I can say that I am proud of what my skin looks like. I can actually fool people into thinking I look younger on social media - without filter!

I always tell everyone that investing on a good skin care product can make wonders on your skin by the time you develop fine lines and spots. Just a prime example is my skin! Although I still need to improve my skin care game, I can still look way younger than you think. 

So investing on a skin care device is also A.MUST.

I recently discovered ageLOC LumiSpa from NuSkin when I attended in behalf of my bebe K (Kamila of and I am so excited to share this to you because lam nyo naman si ate girl nyo chismosa CHAR hahah!

So here are 3 reasons why Investing on NuSkin AgeLOC LumiSpa can change your skin care routine.

1. 7 in 1 Benefits.

Who doesn't want to get the best of what they bought right? I know I do! I can actually turn my lipstick into a blush and an eye shadow if I need to stretch it as far as I can to make the most of how much I spent on it.

Yes I am nifty so zip it. 

Comparable to a facial massage, the ageLOC LumiSpa uses a patent-pending oscillating, pore-purifying action that cleanses away dirt, oil, make up, pollutants and toxins. Seriously can this also take away the bitterness of my heart from my ex? That would be awesome (I'm kidding girl okay? kalma your heart)

The 7 in 1 benefits are the following: Skin renewal, Purified skin, Minimized appearance of pores, smoothness, Radiance, More refreshed look, increased appearance of volume and density.

Girl ang dami kaya worth it talaga sya! 

2. Its far more hygienic than other handheld personal skin care device.

AgeLOC LumiSpa has two treatment heads - normal and firm. Unlike one currently available in the market, LumiSpa's treatment head is made from nonabrasive silicone that is more gentle and hygienic. It is also embedded with an anti-microbial silver which has a projected life of three months.

I personally tried the product actually on my hand and it feels great to use because its not abrasive to my skin.

3. Total Lazy Girl will LOVE THIS!

I admit, I am lazy at times especially when I just want to lay in bed after a full day of work because my bed is calling me like it calls its mother (my bed is my baby so don't judge!) 

With AgeLOC LumiSpa you can do your cleansing routine in two minutes!

The device actually has a timer that stops in between to let you know how if you need to go to another part of your skin.

Another thing I would just like to share is how much amazing your skin would feel after using this even in the shower because its waterproof!

So there you have it 3 reasons why Investing on Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa can change your skin care routine.

I am totally into this product and I would suggest you do too! Because great selfies are great without a filter so make sure to buy NuSkin AgeLOC LumiSpa soon!

For more information about NuSkin AgeLOC LumiSpa you can check them out at

Much Love!
xx Alice

Centuria Medical Women's Month Series of Talk for Women's Needs.

As being the Philippine's First Medical Mall, Centuria Medical Makati surely caters to all needs of our body without the stress of a traditional hospital.

Don't you just hate going to the hospital? I can't tell you enough the myriads of times that I had to go to the hospital and have quite an experience which makes me wish that there should be a place where
its relaxing that still caters to our medical needs.

Especially for women, we would prefer that right? So Centuria Medical Makati organized a day full of talks catering to not just our medical concerns but also financial and lifestyle needs.

One of the most notable talks that I saw was from the Asian Breast Center which was done by Dr. Norman San Agustin which he tackled the stigma of having breast cancer and also the advancement in technology towards breast cancer such as the Molecular Breast Imaging and Intra Operative Radiation Treatment.

Another talk that had an impact on me was how physiotherapy is very important for our health. That simple neck or back ache can be something else unless it can be checked. The talk was held by Prohealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Centres.

One of the procedures they offer is assessment and optimization of the pelvic floor health, Pre natal and post natal programs. Because lets face it- as much as its an embarrassment to keep the pain in, we need professionals to help us out.

And since we are on the topic of our health, maintaining it wouldn't be enough by just going to the doctor but also doing our part by exercising. The talk was conducted by Pinnacle Performance which empowers their clients to achieve their optimum level of performance, especially their female clientele.

In line with National Women's Month, Pinnacle will be highlighting one female member on their social media platforms every week of March. And in addition to that they also have a campaign right now where you can win a 1 month free membership form Pinnacle Performance Manila.

All you need to do is share what they would like to achieve, use the hashtag #Whatsyours and tag @Pinnacleperformanceph and that's it!

There were also some talks about our financial health given by Taxumo. Honestly doing my own taxes has been the biggest hassle I have lately so its actually nice that a company like Taxumo exists.
With Centuria Medical Makati, you can actually feel better about your health and be secured for your future.

You can visit Centuria Medical Makati at Kalayaan Avenue Cor. Salamanca St. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City.

Much Love!
xx Alice

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 44

There was this Pinterest pin I found the other day which got me thinking: Am I a Multi Tasker or Single Task kind of girl?

I would consider myself a bit of both because as of this writing I am focused on writing this entry while listening to a mukbang video by Stephanie Soo - and its making me hungry though!!!

So yeah..its making me crazy though that I am thinking about this but are there people like that? Single Task people?

In this day and age multi tasking is really the way people do things. I can say I do that as well because of the limited time, we tend to spread ourselves too thin to the point that we have to do two things at the same time.

But most people crash eventually if that happens. And it has happened to me so many times. I normally would just shut everything down when I feel that it is too much for me. I feel too pressured to do something that I am not particularly comfortable with.

There was one time that I was tasked to do something at home which was to basically clean the whole house on my own as a form of punishment from my parents because I sneaked out one time.

Due to pressure of not knowing where to start, I actually cried for 2 hours because I was so afraid to do something bad to our house because I am not that domesticated when I was younger.

Later on, my mom just told me to clean out my closet because I had too much clothes that I need to get rid some of them.

My mom actually thought I cried to get out of the punishment but to be honest I wasn't acting it out. I was that afraid to clean our house because my mom has a very specific standard in cleaning and it was also very systematical that I would rather be buried alive than do what she does back then.

Nowadays, I can actually do those but I am too busy for it so can say I am a lazy bum haha!

I will make a separate article about this because its quite weird but helpful as well because it can lessen your stress hormones if you don't pack too much into your schedule with this method.

Wish me luck!

Much Love
xx Alice

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 43

I was browsing on some random Facebook page when I thought to myself: What if I buy a couple of contact lenses because I missed them? Would that be fun?

I guess so...I remember my fascination with contact lenses were from anime series that I've watched.

I love seeing girls with different eye colors and I hoped to get them too.

I might save up some money for that. I might buy myself a couple of circle lens just in case I need some fun in my life.

I can't really think of anything today which is weird. Is it because it is Valentines?

I just shiver at the thought that today was supposed to be the first Valentines I might have spent with my now ex-boyfriend.

Yes. I am still being bitter about it.

I am not bitter about the break up but rather the things we could've done together. But a lot of people have told me that it was for the better if he was just not into the relationship as I was with him.

I tried my very best to be as cordial to all the couples I've seen today. I just didn't want to ruin today to them as it is about a day of love.

I did sent out Valentine greetings to my friends...and to a few exes that I was in good terms with.

Which is odd because one of them was already married with two kids and the wife was the same woman he told me he was in love with when we broke up. This was for another story time for sure.

Oh boy...the bitterness in my soul is starting to boil up again. 

I gotta go. I might say bad stuff after this. I prefer to end this on a happy note.

Happy Valentines girls and guys!

Much Love
xx Alice
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