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Friday, September 14, 2018

WHY PATCH TESTING IS IMPORTANT ( and you should do it too!)


As a beauty blogger, I get tons of products to review on a daily basis and usually I do a patch test before actually using a product.

What is a patch test? 

It's basically a simple procedure where you test it first on a small amount to see if you develop an allergic reation towards it. 

Here is a short story before I tell you why this is important.

A couple of years ago, a company sent me a product to review with a full disclosure that if this gave an allergic reaction to me I won't post the review which they actually agreed on because I am willing to pay for the next batch of products I will order from their store if this product works out. 

For the first couple of days I noticed red bumps on my skin which bothered me. I didn't actually analyzed it further until the third day of using the product - It made my skin itchy and red that I had to go to the doctor! 

I don't have the pictures anymore because it was super bad which I also reported to the company since I know my skin is not sensitive but this broke me out. The company was actually nice enough to cover the doctor's fee although they didn't have to. 

Since then my dermatologist told me to ALWAYS do a patch test. 

And fortunately - rather unfortunately, a similar incident happened to me earlier which made me decide to write this for you girls. 


The test is really easy to do since you just have to apply the product on the back of your non dominant hand or anywhere you want, cover it with a piece of cotton to protect it from the elements, pollutants and dirt, wait 24 hours and tada! You see the results!

You can also have a batch of patch test with a dermatologist done in case you have a bulk of items you are not sure if it gives you an allergic reaction. 

The next picture you will see was the result of the patch test I did which was actually a moderately severe reaction which I won't reccomend you do girls. 

This was only a few hours after the patch test was done and I was a littke bit disgusted by this because it looked like ants attacked my hand. The back of my hand also felt rough to the touch and had become rough. Its not a good sight but this is for science. 

As of writing this post the redness of the skin have settled a little bit thanks to anti histamine that I took the night before. There is still some red bumps and its a bit itchy but according to my dermatologist I just need to let it subside on its own and frequently moisturize the area so the roughness wil go away. 


Doing this will save you the agony of going paranoid of what made you break out. Believe me that it will make you think backwards of what you did wrong to your skin. 

It will also save your pocket because you don't have to spend to do this. You can try this out by using testers in the store and just walking around to know the difference. 

This will save you time as well because knowing this method saves you from unnecessary visit to your dermatologist. 

I hope this post helped you out. Don't forget to leave a comment about yur experience and if you have done this method. 

Much love! 

Xx Alice

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Time I Almost Decided to Quit

This is a lengthy post so bear with me and I hope you learn something from this. 

I almost decided to quit blogging some time ago - why? 

Because I grew tired of the competition of being the first. 

I grew tired to being in constant fear that my work is not good enough. 

I grew tired of the constant thought of being irrelevant. 

These are just some of the things that blurred the real reason why I started to write. Until one day I just decided to screw everything and go back. 

This all started last year, when I started my bakery. I was immersed to the business more than writing, then came when my grandmother passed, I was down and didn't found a reason to even read. And then my uncle passed a few months ago. It was so unexpected that it also broke my spirit down. 

I felt so uninspired to write for some time. I felt lost and confused if what I should be doing. I love writing but I dreaded the thought of not being relevant. I actually love the thought of just blurting out every thought I have. 

So here I am - back at writing. 

To be honest, there are milions of reasons why I decided to stop but life really has its way to bring me back to where I started. 

And I decided to just let go of the pressures in the beauty blogging world. Honestly I have been so out of touch it doesn't bother me anymore. There is the occassional envy creeping in whenever I hear other bloggers getting invites to exclusive launches but who cares right? 

I started not caring some time ago. And just went back to trying out products that I bought. I actually have a few I'll be sharing soon so I hope you girls are ready. 

And if you are like me - lost and confused in the sea of beauty bloggers that get swarmed with products upon products to review- don't be. Let your own color shine and just roll with the punches. 

But if you are in this industry because of the free PR packages, trust me sweetheart that burn out will overpower you like a match that was lit on  a windy day. 

I remember a 'friend' of mine rubbing all her event invites in my face the other week, I won't name you so you can at least save your face from how boastful you are because quite frankly I don't like that attitude of yours. 

Getting invites is not everything about being a blogger in the beauty industry. And please spare me the agony of other girls in the industry that feel they are entitled because they are bloggers - stop. Just stop my dear. 

I am basically ranting at this part because I am just through with the constant struggle to stay on top. Its tiring to put up a front to people and they think its a nice thing to look on fleek when in reality you are dying inside. 

I do hope you guys learned something. And just have fun with writing. It really is fun if you think about it 

Much love 

Xx alice

Friday, September 7, 2018

I Have Been M.I.A. ( here is why)

I know I should have updated this blog site for a while but I have been so busy I actually forgot this. It sucks because I want this platform to be a source of Information but since I have been busy I neglected this site. 

To my avid readers - thank you for continuing the support and love you have given me, some of you even transferred to my youtube channel since I have updated that more than this! 

To those that have asked that if I have transferred to youtube in making content - yes, but not entirely. I will still post here but currently I am trying to bring back my live for writing and not feel so toxic about writing. 

I have also been missing in action because I got a new dog. 

Meet Nikko a.k.a. sharky

He is the source of my happiness now. Just like my other furbabies he is a total goof ball. He is a sweetheart too! Just look at his adorkable-ness (I know thats not a real word so shut up k? ) 

I have also been spending a lot of time with mudra so currentlu my hands and feet are tied so there isn't much of a thing called 'me time' because my mother is one of my priorities and I want her to be happy too!

So far since I am back in this platform expect more articles to come little by little. 

See y'all soon on the interwebs! 

Much love 



Friday, June 8, 2018

Tony Labrusca Hits Two Stones with One Stone with Deja Blend


I will explain further on a future post why I have been M.I.A.

For those looking for a new business venture like Tony Labrusca you are in luck because the newest business franchise in the Philippines has finally arrived with Deja Blend!

Held in Arya Residences, the contract signing was held along with the launch of Tony Labrusca as its endorser. Not only is Tony the endorser for the said brand but he also ventured into building his own Deja Blends franchise.

WBC Food Kiosk has conceptualized the 4-1 beverage cart, kiosk and store which is Deja Blend. Deja which is actually a French word for Already, the literal meaning for the brand is Already Blended - which is fascinating if you ask me.

I am really honored to be part of the media team that were present during this event because I was able to know more about the brand and also how Tony got convinced in building his very first investment with Deja Blend!

For an initial capital of around 550,000 pesos, Deja Blends will be able to help you in setting up your business from manpower resources, supplier listings and also proper training in making your business a success.

The amazing idea in this business is it is an on-the-go beverage that one can just grab and go, knowing the fast paced lifestyle of today's market its such a great idea to just be able to enjoy your favorite Frappuccinos, Milk Tea, Pearl Shakers and its recently added beverage in their roster - Lemonoids or their millenial take for lemon squeezed concoctions.

Being in the showbiz realm, Tony does know that its better to have a back up plan in case anything happens and I agree with his choice of not just being the face of the brand, but also investing on Deja Blends and also boosting their marketing and advertising initiatives.

Being a business owner myself, this kind of initiative from a young age is a great investment for him and his family's future.

Currently, Deja Blends has three branches in Recto ( under renovation ), Legarda, and Taytay but they will be opening several stores in the coming months in malls and other areas that has high foot traffic.
For interested parties, for franchising Deja Blend, contact 09562204450 or send an email to to schedule for a meeting.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Goodbyes and a Whole New World

I guess you are wondering what happened to me.

Well, A lot happened.

Some of them I would prefer not to talk about at the moment so I would ask for your understanding.

They are the reasons why I gave my blog a screeching halt for a few months.
And its hard because even if I am totally passionate in what I do, there are some things and circumstances that happened that will make you forget your passion for a while. And I have to take care of my responsibilities first because they are my top priority.

I do appreciate all the messages and emails I received when you guys thought I died (Please don't think that!) I was just in a phase in my life where I needed to step up for a while and assume the 'older' sibling for a while because as cold hearted people think I am - I HAVE A FREAKIN HEART!

I can't just leave my mother hanging without someone holding her back.

Yah. That is one of the reasons - My mother. I love her dearly and I would go above and beyond to make her happy as she would for me so I had to assume the role of being the leader role in our home.
Its hard to be honest. Its hard to be the 'responsible' one when in fact I am the youngest and probably the one that effed up in life - well big news for YOU I didn't! haha! But seriously I needed to be the adult at home during the time my mother needed me the most.

And now that I am able to manage all the responsibilities she gave me along with some projects I have with the Kissable Vlog Squad (I will tell you more about them soon!) I have more time in writing!

So expect a lot of detailed product reviews and other things uploaded on my blog!

I am so happy to be back to be honest because I just miss writing. I miss YOU and thank you so so much for all the understanding and support you guys gave me during the time I needed to assess myself.

To new adventures and fun time.

Much Love
XX Alice
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